A Future Formed On History

At Formers International, we’ve spent the past 48 years at the leading edge of former technology. Our reputation and legacy have been hard fought, learned, and crafted over the years, starting when our small outfit made every former entirely by hand – to our industry dominance today as the leader in domestic and international markets.

After almost half a century, we’ve built a team that continues to refine that process to build the most accurate, durable, and technologically innovative formers and accessories on the market. That foundation is steeped in the history of our people, who have formed our company, community, and careers alongside our customers’ solutions.

We celebrate the men and women who make all of this possible. We’re excited to build on our history, but most importantly, to look forward to the next 50 years and beyond.

Patented EZ Align Technology

Innovative and Patented Former Technologies

Since 1975, Formers has led the industry by creating innovative technology for formers in response to our customers’ needs. Our family of Lyte products employs patented engineering and design to optimize the weight formers, which are often 30-50% lighter than comparable bag formers.

Formers International’s patented EZ Align™ technology provides safe and precise installation for any assembly that ships to our customers. In addition, EZ Align technology reduces assembly time and has been tested on the floors of industry-leading packaging facilities.

Our Experienced Engineering Team

Our engineering team has been at the core of every new development we’ve brought to the market, and it is this team that supports our customers. With packaging equipment demands reaching global highs, the engineering team runs AutoCAD for design and SolidWorks to test former designs against simulated forces and environments before production, further ensuring speedy, reliable, and flaw-free production.

In the event of an issue at your site, we have technical staff ready and usually able to deploy within two business days.

Engineering team at Formers International