Accessories and Options

Accessories and options for bag formers can also be machine specific in some but not all cases

  • Disposable side wear strips for belts – eliminate wear and expense of replacing belts on the machine
  • Adjustable film roller – eliminates adjustment of the final roller on the machine
  • Backseal strips (Velcro, Rubber or Teflon) – provide cushion and heat absorption from the backseal heater bar
  • Replacement nitrogen fitting – available in push to connect and quick release for reliable connection for gas flush
  • Converter box – attachment to provide flat bottom bags on properly equipped machines
  • Spreader rods – prevent tucking and pleating in endseals
  • Rigidized tubes and funnels – minimize condensation when packing frozen or sticky products
  • Exhaust port – extracts dust from the tube, prevents faulty end seals
  • Inner tube – can be used for gas flush, to eliminate condensation on filling tube, or as a part of a dust extraction system
  • Stop blocks – ensure the correct location of backseal bar and vacuum belts
  • TNA mounting fittings – ensure proper mounting for Robag 2 & Robag 3
  • Inlet seal – traps seasoning and debris, prevents sealing issues