Formers International – Formers, Racks & Accessories

Warranty Policy

Formers International warranties its products to be free from defects under normal use and service for a period of one year starting from the date of shipment.

Limitation on Warranty

Formers International, under the above warranty conditions, will repair or replace defective products conclusive of an internal evaluation of said defective products.

Formers International reserves the right to examine and evaluate returned products to determine if the defect is covered under warranty. If Formers International, in its sole discretion, determines that the defective product is covered under this limited warranty, Formers International will repair or replace the product within a reasonable time frame as agreed to by the purchaser and the management of Formers International.

Formers International reserves the right to attempt to resolve any defective issues via email, phone support, video conference or in plant consultation as deemed necessary by the management of Formers International.

Exclusions to Warranty Coverage

  • Alterations made without the approval of Formers International
  • Dimensional discrepancies as provided by the purchaser
  • Dimensional approvals as designated by the purchaser
  • Data discrepancies provided by the purchaser during the ordering process
  • Shipping damage
  • Damage resulting from misuse or mishandling of the product
  • Performance issues that occur when the product was not tested with customer film
  • Any other issues not deemed a design or manufacturing defect by Formers International

Obtaining Warranty Service

The purchaser, when reporting issues resulting from defective products, must observe the following steps:

  • Report the defective condition to your account manager. Provide detailed information (including photos and video when possible) explaining the defect
  • If the issue cannot be resolved via phone support or video conference, obtain a Returned       Material Authorization (RMA) number from your account manager
  • Return the defective product along with applicable RMA number to Formers International.
  • Upon receipt of the defective product, Formers International will evaluate and determine if the product meets the conditions for repair or replacement under warranty
  • Results of the evaluation will be provided to the purchaser. Upon approval, warranty work will be scheduled. If the issue is not covered under warranty, repair or replacement charges will be quoted to the purchaser

Steps for Warranty Qualification:

  1. Sales: submit copies of the completed RMA form to:
    1. Plant Manager – for evaluation
    1. Shipping Manager – for verification of received goods
    1. Operations Manager – for submission to ISO 9001 log
  • Shipping: When returned goods are received, tag with shipping copy of RMA and receiving report. Move to designated returned goods evaluation area.
  • Manufacturing: Evaluate returned goods within 48 hours of being received. Upon evaluation, record reason for defect as indicated:
  • Cosmetic issue or damage
  • Performance issue
  • Dimensional/ Engineering issue
  • Vendor issue    
  • Manufacturing issue
  • Fit issue
  • Order/Sales issue
  • Other issue

Description of defect:

  • Manufacturing: Determine if the defect falls under conditions for repair or replacement under warranty policy. Return all documentation to sales. Record warranty status:
  • Authorized              •    Not authorized        
  • Sales: report findings to customer. Schedule any warranty work or quote repair or replacement costs as applicable. Scan all documents into customer file.

Authorized by: ____________________________________________   Date: _____________________

Warranty repair or replacement can only be authorized by Formers International’s Operations Manager or Plant Manager