Block Bottom

Flat bottom with gussets. Can be produced with or without creases in the gusset. Common uses, coffee and general food applications.

Brick Pack

Flat bottom with sharp corners. To be used with vacuum system. Common uses, coffee.


Corner Seal

All four corners individually sealed. Commonly used with pre-applied zipper.


Doy Style

Pinch style with rear gusset to create standup pouch. Commonly used with a zipper.


Pillow style with indented sides. Can be made on a round former. Common uses, bag-in-box, e.g. cereal.



Employing more than one style, e.g. corner seal and gusseted. Produced on a rectangular former.


Most common type of bag with top and bottom seal and vertical back seal. Often used in the snack food industry.

Push Top

Top and bottom gusset. Allows for a resealable pouch.


Valve Bag

De-gassing valve often found in the coffee industry.

Zip Bag

Allows for the resealing of the bag. Pre-applied zippers can be applied to most of the bag styles mentioned above.