The Former Jet

Imagine washing a former using only 2 gallons of water, and completing the task in 2 minutes.

Fully Customizable to meet the needs of each facility, the Former Jet saves time, water, and reduces cost of loss due to mishandling during a manual wash.

Formers International proudly introduces the Former Jet, a groundbreaking revolution in bag former washing technology. This industrial-grade machine is more than just a cleaning solution; it’s a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, tailored for the needs of global food processing and packaging industry.

  • FJ1 Control Box – Say good bye to wasted water and spilled soap!
    Water, Time, and Wash Agent distribution all managed under the hood of the FJ1 Control Box.
  • The Wash Bay – Custom manufacturing to fit the complete size range of former assemblies on-site.
  • Pre-Wash Station – Outfitted with a hand held sprayer, the pre-wash station allows operators to blast off larger debris from atop the base plate.
  • The Mounting Trolley – Custom designed to securely fixture forming assemblies as they pass through the wash cycle.
  • Air Knife Drying System – Lock and go! The Air Knife drying system incorporates and 360o rotating turntable, and hand held blower ensuring a complete dry.
  • Dual Water Softeners – Maintain a properly running machine with dual water softeners to prevent hard water build-up.
  • Dual Pump Configuration – Cycling, filtering, and recycling each 2 gallons a staggering 56 times during the two-minute wash cycle.
  • Debris Filtration – The FJ1 comes equipped with a filtration pan and strainer to reduce large debris from entering the facility drain lines.
  • Temperature Booster – By increasing the standard hot water temperature to 160o F in conjunction with wash and sanitizing agents, the Former Jet produces a consistent cleaning every time!